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Mary Gant- Educator, Mentor, Friend

Celebrating the many achievements and successes Ms. Mary Gant has brought to Decatur County, First Port City Bank says “thank you”. Ms. Gant mentored our youth over many years as a teacher and as a guidance counselor in the public school system. She was one of the key developers of the local General Educational Development (GED) Program.

According to an article in The Post- Searchlight, Ms. Gant graduated from Richland High School and then obtained her bachelor’s degree from Savannah State College. She subsequently moved to Bainbridge and began teaching. During this time she attended summer school at Columbia University in New York where she obtained her master’s degree. 

Ms. Gant first began her career in education in a teaching position at Attapulgus High School, which later merged with Mt. Moriah High School to become Attapulgus-Mt. Moriah High School. After that she moved to Hutto High School (presently the site of Hutto Middle School). Having served a number of years as a school counselor at Bainbridge High School (the current site of Bainbridge Middle School), Ms. Gant retired from the Decatur County Board of Education in 1992, after a long and successful career in education.

Ms. Gant was a key player on the team that developed the GED Program. This was initiated when Ms. Gant and others became troubled by the number of students who were dropping out of school with nothing to do.  

First Port City Bank salutes Ms. Mary Gant for her kindness and compassion for her students and fellow educators. There are not many places you can go in Decatur County without seeing someone whose life was made better by her commitment to education.

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