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There are reports of a card breach at Home Depot stores.  There is not much information at this time, however, we wanted to notify our customers of the potential problem and ask everyone to monitor your accounts.  As more information is released we will take appropriate action to minimize losses and inconvenience for our customers.  If you notice any unauthorized charges on your account please contact us immediately.


Please remember: Never provide personal identification information to anyone who contacts you unsolicited by phone, email or other means.  Someone pretending to be a bank representative may call you.  The caller may state that your account has been frozen and they need your debit card information to update your account.  Remember, the bank will never initiate a call asking you to verify your personal information!  If you receive such a call, hang up and call the bank to verify the authenticity of the call.

Please visit or call the bank if you suspect any possible unauthorized activity.

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