Heather Ramer Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Heather Ramer Celebrates 10 Years of Service 2021

Heather Ramer Celebrates 10 Years of Service (7/22/21)

Heather Ramer is a valued 10-year employee of First Port City Bank. She began her career as a teller at First Port City Bank. After 8 years of service to our customers on the front lines, Heather transitioned to bookkeeping, where she demonstrated excellent customer service skills over the phone with our valued customers. You will now and again see Heather in the lobby at the Main in Bainbridge as she has been promoted to Customer Service Representative (CSR). Heather is kind and knowledgeable and will give excellent service to our customers with their individual banking needs. Heather says, “I am here to go above and beyond for our customers. One of our banking goals as well as my personal goal is to Exceed Your Expectations in all our banking services.” Congratulations, Heather!

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